As Particle Physicists, we study the fundamental building blocks of nature. We do this by developing models and simulations to discover how the Universe works at the largest and smallest scales. Initially, these techniques allow experimentalists to optimally design their detectors, maximising chances of discovery. When taking data, our tools crucially separate the often small signal from the overwhelming haystack of the experimental background.

Check out how we do it:

We also try to address some of the unsolved mysteries of the Universe,
like Dark Matter and Neutrinos.

This year we are taking part again to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London, with a joint force with other UK universities.
We will show our stand on neutrinos, aka the Ghosts of the Universe.
Come and see why these mighty tiny particles are so important for physicists and how we are able to study them.

Last Summer we brought an exhibition to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition,  called Modelling the Invisible, where the public were  able to use simulations built by us in order to solve physical problems in the same way researcher do.
The public learnt the importance of Monte Carlo simulations for theories, like the Standard Model, and experiments, like Dark Matter detectors.

Here is the link to our flyer and brochure.

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